IPF assists newcomers to Canada as they adjust to a new journey.
English Conversations is an IPF program that gives newcomers the opportunity to practice speaking English.

IPF English Conversations is the active IPF program NHIC offers at the moment.

If you are on a new journey in Canada then come and visit us. Starting out in a new community can be difficult. Getting to know new people and places takes time. At the International Place of Friendship, we want to help you with integrating and understanding life in Canada. We want to help you connect to programs and other people who can support you.
Come and join one of our programs and meet other Canadians and newcomers. If you have questions we will help. If you are new to the community, we will be happy to meet you. Will make appointments for specific assistance as requested.
IPF English Conversations gives newcomers the opportunity to practice speaking English.

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Address: 1563 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2E5

WhatsApp: 204-583-6894

Email: kelseynhic@gmail.com

Director: Kelsey Betts (NHIC Assistant Pastor)