IPF assists newcomers to Canada as they adjust to a new journey.
English Conversations is an opportunity for newcomers to practice speaking English. Seminars is an opportunity for newcomers to learn more about what it is like living in Canada, giving tips and resources in an engaging way.

IPF currently has two programs: English Conversations and Seminars. Check them out HERE.

IPF English Conversations gives newcomers the opportunity to practice speaking English. English Conversations is every Tuesday evening at 7pm at NHIC. 
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IPF Seminars is for newcomers to Canada to gain practical knowledge to help with adjusting to life in Canada.
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Address: 1563 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB R3T 2E5

WhatsApp: 204-583-6894

Email: kelseynhic@gmail.com

Director: Kelsey Betts (NHIC Assistant Pastor)